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ONE ART Taipei|JR東日本大飯店|藝術博覽會|前導片|

ONE ART Taipei 2023 藝術台北 形象影片 2023年1月13日(五)至15日(日)這場匯聚菁英的盛會即將轉換場域到JR東日本大飯店 台北,我們期待為藏家們創造全新的藝術體驗,盛情歡迎您的加入! 形象影片ONE ART Taipei 藝術台北邀請三位首席嘉賓共同為你揭開序幕,由JR 東日本大飯店 台北總經理福永健司、醫界藝文藏家林錦義、喜事集團營運長宋安,迎接來自各地的國際收藏家在此盛大開展。 台灣藝術圈近年立足台北、著眼國際,以成熟的藝術收藏體系聞名亞洲。ONE ART Taipei 2023攜手參與盛會的你,一同從藝術中拓展既有疆界,同時訪獵潛力新秀,共同描繪當代藝術新貌! ONE ART Taipei 2023 will be held on 2023/01/13-15 at Hotel Metropolitan Premier Taipei, We are looking forward to creating a new hotel art fair experience for art collectors and we warmly welcome you to join us! ONE ART Taipei 2023's trailer invited three guests to introduce our new hotel venue, including Kenji Fukunaga, the General Manager of Hotel Metropolitan Premier Taipei, Chin-Yi Lin, the Art Collectors from Medical Field and An Song, the Chief Operating Officer of Msyaming International Group to welcome all ONE ART Taipei's guests and international art collectors. Taiwan is known for its strong collector base in Asian art market. ONE ART Taipei is devoted to offering a global platform for galleries to connect with domestic and international collectors in the most optimal settings and contexts. ONE ART Taipei is dedicated to building a strong trading platform for the international art market and becoming one of the leading Asia Pacific art fairs in Taiwan. ----------


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