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Volkswagen Golf GTI MK7.5 VS GTI Club Sport xFrequency Intelligent Exhaust - Fi Exhaust

Golf is a Golf is a Golf. Class-defining and at the same time class-less, it has been an icon and talisman for the Volkswagen brand and its treasurers since 1974. True to the maxim ‘never change a winning team’, the design changes introduced for 2017 are subtle. The sheet metal remains untouched; bumpers, lights and grille get fresh make-up. It’s the familiar GTI but looking a little leaner, a little sharper than you remember it. There are new wheels, extra brightwork and four little red winglets underlining the LED headlights. The turbocharged 2.0-litre four gets more power, thereby matching the acceleration times of the outgoing VW Golf GTI Performance Pack: the Mk7.5 GTI boasts 227bhp in standard form and 242bhp in its Performance iteration. Gearbox options remain a six-speed manual or a DSG twin-clutch auto, but the latter gets another pair of ratios for seven in total. Thanks to EPD Motorsports& 迪歐星國際車業 Motor Sports Team Official Website:

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