2014-2016Works Gallery 年度個人作品宣傳影集

➤2014-2016Works Gallery 年度個人作品宣傳影集

MGZHANG LOGO Founded Introduction

LOGO使用方塊透視的底部來做眼睛的配置,也代表“攝影”這件事情是由各種角度貫穿,代表已精準的角度來做攝影這件事,另外使用了古英文哥德體的寫法來設計MG兩字,並且用白線來做立體感及潮流感 LOGO using the bottom of the box to do eye perspective configuration also represents the " Photography " This thing is made through a variety of angles , representatives have precise angle photography do it , in addition to the use of written Old English Gothic body design MG word , and with a white line to do three-dimensional sense and fashion sense - Video Photographer:MG Zhang

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