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五月的第二個禮拜,有著很特別的節日 母親節。

五月的第二個禮拜,有著很特別的節日 母親節。 而這次的母親節當天,我來到了慧如家記錄這次的婚禮,而拍攝的當下,也深深的感受到慧如的母親將自己的女兒嫁出去,那不捨感是難以言喻的。 看著從小拉拔的女兒長大成人,如今已經要完成自己的人生大事,雖有不捨,但心中必定也是為女兒感到開心,開心女兒找到對的人,對的伴侶,能託付下半輩子的人,我想媽媽心裡的不捨或再難過,只要看見你們日後過的幸福快樂,這天都將會是值得的,也會是送給母親,最好的 母親節禮物。 The second week of May , has a very special Mother's Day holiday . And this Mother 's Day , I came home record this as Hui 's wedding , while filming the moment, is also deeply felt as Hui 's mother married his daughter , a sense of sadness that is indescribable . Watching small daughter drawing grown up , and now want to complete their life events , although sad, but the heart must also feel happy for her daughter , her daughter happy to find the right people , the right partner can be entrusted to the second half of the people I want my mother and then my heart of sadness or sad, as long as you see the future too happy this day is going to be worth it , they will be given to the mother , the best mother's day gift.

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